Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Shopping

Arrived in plenty of time to check the horses over and feed. They all look so good. Below are the three musketeers, left to right is Mika, Jewel and Bunni.
They had to come running up for some attention. Lily is very obviously pregnant in the picture below, she is sticking out on BOTH sides, Lily is by far the best brood mare we own. She has 10 month pregnancies, settles on one cover EVERY-TIME. We don't even bother with a sonagram any more for her.
Emma came running up behind us this morning with this in her mouth: of course Ebby stole the leg as soon as she saw it, she is dragging this along the entire way. Emma wasn't happy until she found a smaller one and when Ebby finally got to tired to carry the long one, mom picked it up and tried to get Emma to trade. There was no way Emma would touch something Ebby claimed. Once Ebby stakes a claim on anything all dogs leave her alone. She has piranha teeth!

One the second round, Steven pulled up with his monster truck. He checked over the hay supply, moved a couple of the feeders closer and put one section back up.

We decided to wait until tomorrow to put in 2 more bales. One for the middle paddock and one for the boys paddock.
Even before reaching home, Mark called for credit card help at Meisters. As Emma was with me she got to come inside. She likes visiting Meister Brothers, they always seem glad to see her.
Then it was time for shopping, not the kind I detest this is the fun shopping. Shopping for prizes for the new years eve party. Sarah came along and joined in the fun. We went to Sams, Aldi, Menards, and Walmart looking for good buys.

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