Thursday, December 9, 2010

Addyson vs Darcy

My favorite little girl came over to visit today. She LOVES playing with the dogs. If they are outside she runs to the window asking in her cute high voice, "puppy, puppy?" Today she learned how to tell Emma to sit only every time she would tell her somehow she adds an H after the S. Taunya is not going to be happy if she starts telling Ben to sit. In the pictures she is not wearing pants as Addyson's pants are in the washer, she had a little accident on the way over to grandma's house.

Stephanie had to leave but Anna came over and we had Avanti's for dinner. Mark left for a school board meeting, Rhoda and I went out to work with Autumn. Laura was with her teaching her to lunge. Laura needed to leave so Rhoda rode her while I filled her water tank. It was a great day!

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