Thursday, December 9, 2010

Successful Hauling

We did it, 6 horses crammed in the 4 horse trailer for the first trip and 5 horses the second trip.
Steven actually arrived at the farm at 6:30am, cleaned out the paddock, divided the breeding shed paddock, moved the horses around and hooked up the trailer. All before I arrived a little after 7:00am. We took off for the first load got there in great time but couldn't find the herd. Steven went one way and I went across the creek the other way knowing there was more grass on the far side. There was no luck but once I climbed to the top of a hill the herd could be seen in the far valley. The six were loaded then moved to the Hanna City farm with no problem and it was back on the road for the next 5. We saw a gruesome sight just as we were ready to start back with the last load. A young doe pretty much devoured by wild animals, more than likely coyotes as they have huge packs out there.

There wasn't much meat left on this poor thing.
Once back at the farm, Ayanna and Ciera were taken into the barn to stick them. Ayanna at 8 months sticks at 13.2 hands and Ciera at 19 months sticks at 15.1 hands. Both are going to be well OVER 16.2 hands when full grown.
Our VERY good news is both Lily and Wynne are looking pregnant. The last time I was out checking over the mares, Wynne didn't look like she was carrying but today it is pretty obvious. Lily we never bothered to have ultrasounded, just covered her once and hauled her out. Her incision sight from the colic surgery looks great, much better than when she left for Middle Grove, it must be all the muscle tone she developed from the hilly ground.
Izadora and Sandy were teased but no sign of them coming in. Hopefully their shots given on Tuesday will bring them in soon. We discovered Raven HATES Ciera, he went after her with his teeth bared lunging over the gate even though she was baby talking. That was just plain weird to see, he has never put his ears back or threatened another horse.
The picture below tells a story. The little finger of this person's hand was smashed so badly it turned black and blue pretty quickly, then nail fell off not too long after that and it was a bet to see if the nail would grow back or not.

We are pleased to see that Steven's fingernail IS growing back.

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