Friday, December 3, 2010

Beautiful Avalon

Alicia Cooksey brought her Raven filly over to Bridlewood this afternoon. It was snowing pretty hard but just had to take a few pictures of her. She is out of her Arabian mare named Lexi and by Raven, she just turned 2 years old.

Earlier Mark followed me to Byerline's to drop off the car. Gary wasn't there but we put the keys in the slot and took off for Meisters. Mark had one credit card application to run and once that was done offered to drive me back home for cleaning and laundry. Of course I had to take him up on that, sure didn't want the laundry to pile up or the house not be perfect.
Karin showed up to drop off a laptop for Philip to fix when Gary Byerline called to say the car was finished. She drove me over to pick it up, so nice to have a window that is all the way rolled up.
A round bale was moved in for Autumn and she was sure glad. She was made to clean up the last bale and she would have preferred to have a new bale yesterday. Her water tank was also filled and the heater switched from Bridlewoods to mine.
We have the Skyline home employee appreciation dinner tonight.

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