Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grounds in My Coffee

Each morning as soon as the dogs are put out the coffee is started. Somehow today the pot wasn't put quite where it belonged. Once the dogs were cared for and email checked it was time for that so looked forward first cup. Strangely the pot is only half full. Mark is feeding the fire and has not yet poured any. The pot was pulled out and a cup poured then the pot put back. As soon as it was put back coffee started pouring out all over the top of the pot and the counter all mixed with lots of coffee grounds. Mark was given the first cup (the one without the grounds)just because I'm nice. The real reason is that cup tasted kind of weak. I'd rather chew on the grounds than have weak coffee.
No visiting after the service last night. I was really tired and left right after church for home. The snow was softly falling and the quiet drive with Christmas music playing on the radio made the drive an easy one.
Eva Jean gave me a Karen Kingsbury book to read but just couldn't start it, had to go pretty much straight up to bed. She also gave me a dvd to watch. Perhaps tonight we can do that, both need to be returned as soon as possible.
The names of the prisoners requesting Bibles are all printed out and there are close to 200 but I'm way short on wrapped Bibles.
Louise Roecker needs to be called to see if the Skyline home has the Bibles we sent down wrapped. If they are done and I can get the car from Mark, I'll drive down, pick up that load and drop off another load to be wrapped. Not sure how we can catch up on this job. Each time we send out a Bible we get at least 3 requests back.
Looks like we will have a white Christmas this year. It is cold, predicted to stay cold and there is fresh snow on the ground.

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