Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Just TWO Left

 Right after our walk I left for Aldi in Pekin. I had heard that inflation rate had dropped so was expecting to see that at the grocery store. What a disappointment to find almost everything we needed had gone up again and some items drastically. The news people must not shop for groceries. A head of cabbage was well over $4.00, the same box of cereal purchased a couple weeks ago had jumped from $1.69 to $1.99. My heart goes out to the elderly who are trying to make it on just social security. The new checks for that were supposed to go up by 8.5 % except when mine came they had raised our Medicare so high that I actually lost money. Thank goodness for the freezer Karin gave me.  We may just have to go back to raising our own beef and pork. I wanted to make a big pan of beef barley soup today and thought I might find some cheaper beef at Aldi but they had very little beef and what they had was high priced. Nolan sent a text this evening that there are only 2 male Cavapoo puppies left. The puppy below is wearing the blue collar. 

The only other puppy available is the male puppy wearing the green collar.
These puppies will be ready for their new homes Jan 16th, 2023. 
This evening Craig Stickling had the message at church. He opened to Esther 2. 

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