Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vaulting Camp 2012

The camp is such a hit each year we are making it an annual event. Karin has agreed to hold this again next year same time same place. The website will be marked July 27th 2013 for the next camp. Not to brag or anything but Karin really is the best vaulting teacher in central Illinois, probably the best in the entire state of IL plus all the surrounding states, just ask these campers! So if your child is a wannabe vaulter SAVE THE DATE!
I was only able to snap a few pictures before Karin put me to work. Anni Davidovics was her helper teaching the 1 star compulsories. The campers were divided into 2 groups with one working on the barrel while the other worked on the horse. They would switch after each camper got the movement down pat. They broke for lunch and all headed over to Diane's pond for eating, relaxing, visiting and swimming. An hour was hardly time enough to enjoy Diane's pond. After lunch it was time to work exclusively on Ribbon. All of the campers learned the compulsories at the walk and by the time the camp was over she had some campers cantering. By the time it was over none of them were in a hurry to leave. They wanted to see the Friesian foals and the stallions. Evan had to show them how he can bow, laydown and sit up (thanks to Steven)and Valiant just showed the bow. Mike came by with 2 mares getting the boys all excited. He took Bunni, Mika, Clair and Montross to Middle Grove. After every one was gone and the barn straightened up Karin, Mark and I decided instead of cooking we would go to Scapecchi's for dinner. Mom arrived home from Colorado and joined us as there is not much food in her house. She actually was shocked when she walked in, that last storm, the one that was over in minutes and didn't give us much rain, knocked down her awning onto her deck table shattering the glass. We arrived for dinner before 5:00pm, our meals were delicious. Mark and Karin shared the ribeye for 2.
Each got their own salad and sweet potato. Mom ordered soup and salad then shared a bit of steak. I ordered the special of the night, New York strip steak, sweet potato and salad and the steak was done perfectly! hmmm looking at the picture below 4 hours later my brain is remembering each delicious bite.
Carnivores we are all just carnivores!

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