Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Get Along

I stopped at Globe Auto supply to pick up a tire patch kit before heading to TEMCO to get the mail. The back passenger side tire on the golf cart just wouldn't hold air long enough to make a garbage run to the dumpster. They had a package of 20 plugs for $14.99. The tools for patching had been ordered and delivered a while ago. The plugs were put in my purse for later and then it was time to work. Today the computer acted up, shutting itself off without being asked to do so and then the printer wouldn't communicate with the computer. This printer was new in 1987 and has always gotten along with the computer until this morning, then for some reason they wouldn't talk to each other. Philip wasn't around to help and it was left for me to reason with these 2 obstinate pieces of equipment. Thankfully they both settled down and decided to get along. Eva Jean and I were able to get done just a little bit later than usual. I didn't get home today until after 2:00pm and went to work on the golf cart tire finding 3 holes that needed patching. By the time that job was done I was glad to drive the cart over to Diane's to cool off a bit in the pond. We had another hot day. After an easy dinner of tuna fish sandwiches Mark started debarking more locust posts and brushed preservative on each posts. The preservative is called TIM-BOR, this is mixed with propylene glycol so it soaks into the wood better keeping insects and water away stopping rot. Jozsef hand dug the holes the skid steer can't reach, Mark will dig the rest tomorrow and set the posts. Hopefully that pasture can be finished soon, not that we can graze horses in it. We need rain so badly! Tomorrow is predicted to be 101 with zero chance of rain.

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