Monday, July 23, 2012

Sarah's Class

Sarah posted a few pictures of teaching in Jamaica. Above is her classroom and below is lunch with some students:
Mark has been cutting down locust trees (the trees with the huge thorns)and debarking them. He is cutting them in 8 and 9 foot long sections and we hope to use them to fence in the entire 30 acres.
We only need a few hundred more! This is a huge job and Jozsef Davidovics has offered to help with the fencing. Jozsef's original languages are Hungarian and Romanian but since coming to America he does very well with English. Yesterday in church Jozsef was telling me he will come tomorrow afternight. I think he meant tomorrow afternoon, wouldn't afternight be Tuesday? His twin brother Sandor was laid off his job last year, when we asked him how work was going he responded,"I've been laid down." Today will be busy, Braelyn is coming, mares need to be covered and the truck's air conditioner checked out. An estimate for fixing the living quarter trailer still needs to be done and I still haven't found anyone in Peoria that works on them.

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