Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This sounds like a broken record but today must have been our most extreme heat so far, 105 degrees and I worked outside scraping paddocks with the skid steer. Before that could be started the horses needed to be hosed down and those that need air conditioning brought in. Cor Arainna was moved into Eliza paddock as Eliza & Olivia were stalled. She refused to settle down running up and down the paddock working up quite a sweat. After a good hosing to try to cool her off the back gate was opened to allow her into the woods. The next thing I see is Cor, Ribbon and Ella running through the paddock and into the pasture behind Raven's. They can't be left there, that's where Jozsef and Mark dug the holes for the posts. As I walk up to get them I see blood on Cor:
My first thought is Ribbon must have kicked her when she came running through her paddock. Dr.Hoerr was called even before moving Cor inside. When he arrived he informs me there is no way this came from a kick, she has impaled herself on something. He had his work cut out for him. This was like a puzzle only one that moved every once in a while. The picture below was snapped when he was almost finished before the sedation started wearing off.
I never did get the finished picture, someone had to hold her head to keep her still and there wasn't anyone else around. After discussing how and why this happened, I realized she was not fly sprayed down after her hosing. We think she may have been attacked by some of the huge horse flies we've seen lately. Dr. Hoerr left once finished and there was just enough time for a much needed shower before it was time to leave for church. Ken Hoerr had the sermon. He called for prayer, not just for our country but for our beloved church. He opened to 2 Chronicles 7th chapter verses 11-20 but focused most of the sermon on verse 14.

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