Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Work was light, finishing before 11:30am. Dr. Hoerr called just before 1:00pm to say he was on his way. He flushed Ylse's uterus again and left powdered bute. She is to get 2 grams 2 times a day. Next up was Jenis, she had a 52mm follicle and was ready to be covered. As long as Dr. Hoerr had his ultrasound machine I asked him to recheck Zalena, nice to see that pregnancy is progressing well. The bill was $172.50. It was back to work to pay the first of the month bills one day early and make a run to the bank with checks. Karin's vaulting clinic brought in $240.00 which was deposited into the vaulting account. This will help with next year's entrance fee for the IL Horse fair. Butch from Frenches called to report the truck's air conditioner was fixed. That bill was $429.29 but the air works great. Mom gave me a ride to French's to pick up the truck. The truck was brought back to the farm and hooked up to the living quarter trailer. Tomorrow morning that has an appointment for an estimate on repairing the side. When the vaulters borrowed it for their Iowa competition the driver turned a little too sharp and hit a truck scraping and denting in the side. After dinner Mike came over and Jenis was covered by Raven, we will try tomorrow morning, then according to Dr. Hoerr she should ovulate. Mark got the weed wacking done around the farm house and in Raven's paddock.

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