Monday, December 31, 2012

Website Problems

Emails and texts have been coming in about the website problems. Now Forbidden comes up when typing in This is so frustrating, enough so I'm ready to start over but don't want to lose the website name. I'm really tired this morning and yet the work that must be done is mounting up. I'll have to cut the walk short to get in early, there are copies to make, studies to open and process, Bibles that must be hauled to the home for wrapping and then shopping for the New Year's Eve party. And to top it all off the car is out of gas. Once home from that work, the horse work will start. Mark has agreed to help fix the paddock fences. It is pathetic how bad the broken boards look and pathetic to see my attempts to fix them with no tools except bailing twine. The 2 new mares need work, they are afraid of people and someone needs to start spending time gentling them. We were told they haven't been handled much for SIX years! They had a good start so it shouldn't be too hard or take too long. I'm really missing my horse whisperers Karin and Rhoda! The weanlings will need a new bale soon but I want them moved to another paddock to start preparing theirs for when we bring the mares home.

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