Friday, December 28, 2012

Price of a Puppy

Emma's vet visit went well, that is she was very well behaved. Dr. Hoerr poked and prodded, bent and straightened, moving her leg this way and that all without sedation and she didn't even let out a whimper. She even stayed still for the x-rays.
She has great bones. She is in the prime of her life at 3 years of age. The diagnoses is a torn ACL and the prognoses is either have the surgery or she will be lame the rest of her life. Dr. Hoerr is a very practical vet knowing when a farm dog is more than just a dog. He is willing to do her surgery for the price of a puppy! Emma's surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning. Today is cleaning and laundry day. I'm staying home and cleaning if it takes me all day. That is a joke this little house won't take more than a couple of hours. On another note the group vacationing in Gulf Shores, AL just got bigger. David and Stephanie took off driving down to the gulf and Sarah is flying down. So what started with just Rhoda and Karin in John and Beth Meister's condo grew to include at least 15 people: the Davidovic family and mom in mom's condo, some Sauders, Sceggels, Schwind's and Meisters in John & Beth's condo and now Sceggel's in another. They are enjoying the sunshine while we are stuck here in the cloudy cold North.

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