Friday, December 21, 2012

Survive the Storm

Karin wrote in that the wind was blowing her house around. Well here it isn't quite that bad the house isn't moving but each time the wind slams into the doors, windows and walls the dogs are sure there is something out there, something very scary. Around 4:00am Emma started running around the house barking going to each door. After stumbling out of bed then shuffling over to the door to open the door, Emma stops dead with the door wide open and refused to go out. It is a freezing 16 degrees outside and what ever is out there has spooked her, she is such a chicken she refused to go out until Darcy goes first. They didn't stay out long, it is just too nasty out there but the stars were out and looking like diamonds dotting the black sky. Mark felt it was a good time to get up and work on taxes and wanted 12 months of credit card bills printed out with the items circled that are tax deductible. Today Phil and Anna are hosting the Sceggel family Christmas and I must go shopping. The doctor's office will be called to see about getting some Malaria medicine. I don't know that's what I had but have 3 of the symptoms and why take a chance. Oplympia's owner is coming out to visit her this afternoon, she will need to be haltered and moved inside. Hope the roads are open. We didn't get that much snow but what we did get is sure blowing around.

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