Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dumb and Dumber or Not

Do animals scheme? Evan for the last 2 days was stepping into the round bale feeder up against the gate then standing there until someone would rescue him. For the rescue grain is grabbed, then the gate opened and once he is free, he gallops around then comes running back for the grain. This has gone on for the last 2 days. Why does he insist on going right back to the corner and stepping into the bale feeder? Perhaps he has been rescued so many times with a good run up and down the drive, then a sweet treat, while Valiant stands inside the paddock watching, it was worth standing in a corner until rescue? Then there is Emma. Emma will not go outside by her self at night, she stands at the door and whines but is too afraid to walk out the door until Darcy goes first. For the second night in a row she has stood at our bedroom door whining around 1:30am until I get out of bed, wake Darcy, make Darcy go out whether she needs to or not and only then will Emma hobble outside, walk a few steps to the grass, squat for just a few seconds then want right back in. As soon as the door is opened she hops quickly over to Darcy's bed, the bed nearest the wood burner, flops down and stretches out. Meanwhile I'm standing at the door freezing waiting for Darcy to come back. So who's the dumb one now? I'm starting to feel manipulated by animals. Last night Spark and Rhonda invited us over to watch the Christian comedian Mark Lowry on their big screen. We walk in and Spark has his wood burner fireplace insert going full blast.
Such a warm welcome sight. We didn't even have to go into their downstairs away from the fire, Spark has a projector mounted in his living room where we could sit in comfort while watching and laughing.
We are missing all the family that left us for the south. Mom calls every day to give us poor freezing people up here an update.

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