Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sissy & Star

Introducing Sissy and Star:
Sissy's registered name is C C Shake Some Star Dust, she was foaled April 11th, 2002, and is triple registered. Her registration papers are: Tennessee Walking Horse Association, Spotted Saddle Horse Association and Racking Horse Association.
We were pleasantly surprised at how HUGE this mare is. Sissy will be sticked later but is tall and stocky with a very thick long mane and tail. She is going to be a wonderful cross with one of our Friesian stallions. Star is an 8 year old all black Tennessee Walker mare. She didn't come with any papers but will also make a nice cross with one of our stallions. She has an extremely thick mane and tail and is also a nice big stocky mare.
Both of these mares will be put into training and bred this spring to either Valiant or Evan.

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