Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decision Time

What to do about Emma. I pretty much know what the problem is, she slipped on the ice while running and more than likely tore her ACL. She now has a vet appointment at 2:30pm instead of first thing this today. But..will we like what the vet is going to say? If the dog is under 30 pounds, limit exercise and it will heal but a big dog they recommend surgery, very very expensive surgery. Is it right to put that much money into a dog when there is so much need in the world? The problem with not doing the surgery (according to vet and the internet) is too much strain is placed on the good leg and it can cause that ACL to tear and if that happens the dog must be put down. So we have some praying to do, 8 weeks of praying. Emma spends most of the day laying around anyway, that's what Mastiffs do, they lay around shedding dog hair and slobber. I'm heading in to Meisters today to work on Bible studies and have to do this without Eva Jean. She can only come in on Tuesdays.

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