Monday, December 24, 2012

Blood in the Snow

Mike drove out to Middle Grove to move a few more round bales in and found blood in the snow, 4 places, not a huge amount but still blood. He started looking over the horses searching for a wound but all seem well. He kind of looked at tails to see if there was any matted blood in any of the tails in case of a miscarriage but lost track of which horse was checked and gave up not finding any reason for the blood. Who ever it was will probably have to wait for help until after Christmas. There really is no one to ask to check them out, Karin and Rhoda left last night for Gulf Shores, AL driving through the night to reach the warmth of the gulf. Mom and Ruth's entire family are heading down to the gulf tomorrow right after Christmas dinner. The Sceggel's are serving Christmas dinner at mom's tomorrow with Mark grilling steak over the fire. We will also be in charge of taking Nancy home. Mike moved the International Harvester tractor over with the log splitter which will really help Mark with the wood pile. After lunch a new bale was moved in for the boys. They weren't out but would be tomorrow and it was more convenient to move in today. We went out without our gloves and really paid the price with frozen fingers. Emma got hurt today, she cannot put any weight on her left hind. Her whining is so pathetic sounding when she tries to stand. She is another animal that will need to wait until after Christmas to get checked out. What is it with animals getting hurt when the vets office is closed for the Christmas holiday?

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