Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Diane made the walk which surprised us as she got in around 2:00 am. Ruth did not.  After the walk I went pretty much straight to the barn to start moving bales. Hadassah's paddock got a new bale and a bale was put in the breeding shed for when I bring back Ayanna and Rosalie. Sometimes it is hard to get bales into that paddock but the ground was frozen enough this morning to get one in there. The rest of the paddocks are doing fine. The snow started up earlier than expected and by 2:30 pm was starting to pile up. Church was called off. It is still snowing this evening but we are only suppose to get another inch or so with may 5 inches total by morning.
Correction on yesterday's puppy post. There are TWO Cavapoo puppies left. Both are males.  Wilson pictured below was sold but the owner is now not able to purchase him so he is back on the list for a new family.

His full brother Wyatt is the other Cavapoo male puppy still available pictured below:

They were born Jan 16th, 2020 and will be ready to go in March. They have had their dew claws removed and both mom and dad have been health tested. They are for sale for $1400.00 each.
We are getting ready for foaling season which starts for us this year in March. Mark is getting new spotlights and new fans for the stalls and the Christensens boys have been installing them for us. The first mare due is Indy. The picture below was taken Nov 22nd, 2019 at Middle Grove where she has been spending the winter. Indy is due March 18th.
Oksana is due March 20th, so it will be a race to see which mare delivers first.  Next week I plan on getting both Indy and Oksana. Oksana is pictured below also on Nov 22nd, 2019 looking very pregnant.

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