Thursday, February 27, 2020

Red Little Rosie

Rhoda and Sarah brought their girls over this morning WITH a new member of Ben and Taunya's family. A little red miniature Poodle puppy named Rosie. What a tiny ball of fluff!
Mark and I are leaving in the morning driving this puff ball down to Texas where she will join her new anxiously awaiting family Addyson, Jack, Jace and Abe. Gertie was here visiting and brought Kensley with her so Kensley got to play with this adorable puppy too.

Iris introduced Rosie to Emma. Rosie LOVED meeting Emma but Emma wasn't thrilled with meeting Rosie.

We had a lot of fun watching Rosie interact with all of the grand daughters.

Rhoda pointed out a bald eagle in the field next to ours so I took a few pictures.

I wasn't close enough to get very good pictures.  Indy's udder is no bigger than yesterday so I am pretty sure it is safe to be gone for 3 days. I can't ask anyone to check her, Diane and Mike are in Key West, Joan and her family are in Bluffton, Spark and Rhonda are in Gulf Shores, Ruth is at a continuing education class out of town and mom had surgery a couple days ago and can't walk over here as she can't use her walking stick.  Crazy we all leave the same weekend. I'm not worried though, Indy will be left in the indoor arena, has plenty of hay and a water tank full of water.
She is an experienced mom and takes good care of her foals. 

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