Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bringing Indy Home

I picked up mom this morning at 6:30 am and we headed to St. Francis for mom's carpal tunnel surgery.  She was checked in by 7:15 and taken back to change into those delightful top of the line designer hospital gowns.
 The nurse arrived to put in an IV.
 The surgeon arrived and drew pictures on mom's wrist and palm. Cute little hearts. 
The surgery went well and quick. Mom's surgeon was great. When I went out to get the car I got covered in snow from the short walk to where the car was parked and had to scrape off the windows.  The snow was coming down fast and hard with big fat wet flakes. We drove home through a blizzard. It was 34 degrees so not too much of the snow was sticking.  Mom's bird feeder was getting empty and she had a strange looking bird trying to get the last few seeds. This may be a different kind of bat because it seemed to spend more time upside down like bats live.
But when it sat up of course it wasn't a bat and not even a bird but a big fat squirrel.
The squirrel was chased off and the feeder taken down and filled.
Mom settled in for a nap and I left for Middle Grove to pick up Indy. Joan and her kids came over to keep mom company. The horses were up by the bales. Indy's udder was checked and it was much fuller than yesterday so for sure she needed to come home. She was loaded into the trailer and hauled home. It was still snowing and instead of putting her in a paddock or a stall I left her in the indoor arena and hauled a water tank in for her. As that was filling I took a few pictures of her with my phone. Check out that baby bump.
 I love how the tip of Indy's ears tip in toward each other.
 Indy is our tallest Friesian mare at 16.3 hands. She is bred to Evan and we can't wait to meet her foal. 
 She started looking for a good place to roll.

When the water tank was filled I went back to the house to start supper then went back to stay with mom while Joan went to choir. She is going to spend the night tonight with mom.  The snow is coming down hard now and sticking to everything. It is suppose to continue all night and into the morning but we are only expecting around 4 inches. Even though Indy isn't waxing I'm not taking any chances of a baby being born out in this storm.
On puppy news Sarah and Nolan sold THREE more puppies. Two of the Whoodles and 1 Poodle.

I think they only have 4 puppies left. Two Whoodle puppies from Maddie's litter of 10 and 2 Poodle puppies from Nikki's litter of 8.  All of Ruby's (Rhoda and Lee's dog) litter are sold and all of Arrieta's litter are sold. I'm always amazed at the demand there is for Cavapoo puppies. They are always snatched up quickly.

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