Sunday, February 23, 2020

59 Degrees

Our Sunday morning was sunny but not yet warm but that promise of warm was in the air. At least it was above freezing.  Craig Stickling had our morning message on Isaiah 40 and 2nd Corinthians (both comfort chapters). Dave Obergfel had the afternoon message on Psalm 46 (our refuge).
When we walked out of church it was 59 degrees and Sunny. The first job when home was to get the food in the oven for our dinner then head out to start moving in bales with Mark.  Anna had the girls and Pax here and they went on a long hike on the death trails. Karin and Magda were working with Valiant while Mark and I were moving in 5 bales. They were able to use the outdoor arena and had finished with Valiant about the time we finished with the bales. The next horse they took to the outdoor was Evan. That nice clean horse was asked to roll.

 When we were taking Evan back to the paddock David Jacob arrived with Zero and suddenly there were 5 dogs milling around.
 Jenis and Hadassah were also brought to the outdoor arena where both had a good time galloping around.
 Dinner was served at 4:30 pm and right after dinner we went out to the barn, tacked up Jenis so Braelyn, Taegan, Israel, and Kensly could have time to practice with Jenis for the show. Each of them walked, trotted and asked Jenis to pose on the pedestal. 

IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from this afternoon click HERE.  From there we went to mom's to work on the puzzle and play games. Amy and Ken came over with some delicious appetizers and mom served dessert. By the time everyone left it was well past bedtime. Today was such a wonderful warm sunny Sunday. Mike and Diane were hiking at Middle Grove when Andrew's trail camera caught them, then the very next day and the very same place took a picture of big bob cat.

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