Monday, March 25, 2013

Play Time

Lily and Rosalie were allowed to play a bit in the outdoor arena. Lily had a ball.
Between her takeoff and landing she did a huge buck. She thought she could fly but she really didn't get that high in the air, too much weight.
Jenis, Zalena and Marika were all standing together just hoping they would be brought out next.
Their hopes were dashed when I walked right by and into the house. It wasn't very pleasant outside sloshing through 8 inches of wet snow. After a quick dinner of tacos, Mark moved a wheel barrow of hay in for Ella as I cleaned her stall. She seemed more restless tonight. Could be because she has been locked up since Saturday night or maybe she is getting ready to foal. The foaling predictor kits were ordered today from Chemetrics. This year we need 3 of them. Dr. Hoerr is scheduled for ultrasounds Thursday morning. Bunni and Sally were bred last year in October and never checked, Star and Sissy were bred in Feb, while Lily and Ayanna were bred 16 days ago. If they all settled they can go back out to Middle Grove.

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