Saturday, March 30, 2013

Update on Mom

Ruth stayed on Thursday night and mom had a very bad night. She couldn't get comfortable and finally moving to her chair in the living room and only then able to fall asleep. We had a beautiful sunny day Friday, mom was able to sit out on the deck soaking up the sunshine. What was funny about that was on the north side of the house there are snow drifts then on the south side it was warm enough for short sleeves. I relieved Ruth in the morning. But Ruth and Anni came back when the PT therapist came so they could see her reaction to mom's progress, ask questions and learn what we are to do next. Once they all left it was time for therapy and when that was done mom had a nice nap. Rhonda relieved me for the afternoon then Anni relieved Rhonda until I arrived after Good Friday church for the night. I'm pleased to report mom had a much better night than the last 2 nights. She slept until 1:30am took her pills and slept until 4:00am. From 4:00am to 5:30am she just wasn't able to sleep so finally moved to the chair and got comfortable. At that point I headed home to feed Ella (no baby) then pop in for some piping hot coffee of which I FORGOT to prepare last night. It was a good time to update while waiting for the coffee to brew.
Today is mom's 81st and Spark's 61st birthday. Rhonda and Spark will be celebrating the day with mom today.

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