Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Is Risen INDEED

Our Easter Sunday started at the fellowship hall for breakfast, then came worship. Worshiping our Risen Lord and Savior. We were blessed to hear David and Stef sing a beautiful duet the choir sing 3 songs and then Chuck Hemmer finishing up with the message. If it wasn't for the empty tomb we would have no hope. Ruth picked up Nancy for church and she made sure everyone knew it was her birthday today. Why even Dave Obergfel mentioned Nancy's birthday during the prayer. David and Stephanie joined Mark and I for a very relaxed Easter dinner. Anni spent the night last night and was needed. Mom didn't have a good night again. Ruth is staying tonight.
Mike sent the pictures below of the grass coming up at Middle Grove. They were taken Saturday.
 Above and in front left to right  is Bonnie, Jewel, Cor Arianna and Sangria, behind them are the paints Lola and Prissy along with Mytross. Below left to right is Lilypony, Cookie, Missy and Holly. All are looking fat and happy. They are really enjoying the tender spring grass.

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