Sunday, March 24, 2013

Greedy Girl

No baby yet, Ella was standing quietly in her stall just waiting for someone to put her out but that won't happen today. There is about an inch of snow on the ground and more coming down. We are only suppose to get between 2 to 4 inches total. Rhoda bought the dogs 2 big flavored rawhide rolls and sent them home with us last night. Today they were both given one, Darcy settles down to chew on hers while Emma sits with hers in her mouth staring at Darcy's calculating how she can end up with both. Emma is such a greedy girl. She finally gets up, walks over to the desk and hides hers under the desk, then lies down next to Darcy just waiting for Darcy to let go and get up. When this didn't happen, Emma ran to the door and started barking. Just as soon as Darcy joined her in barking at a nonexistent bad guy, Emma quickly left the window, grabbed Darcy's rawhide and quietly went sneaking out of the room. (don't worry Rhoda, I didn't let her get away with it) Emma's rawhide was given to Darcy and right now they are both chewing away happily, the proof is pictured below.
Mark and I are heading to Wild Berries for breakfast before church. Cathy, the lady sending up the half Friesian mare from Kentucky on April 7th, has made the decision on which boy she would like to use for her. Below is her email sent this morning: We have picked Evan!  After carefully looking at all your blogs and website, even though they look so much alike, Evan is the one.
A very nice letter came in yesterday's mail pictured below:
Just in case it can't be read this is what the letter says: Dear Mrs. Sceggel. Do you give lessons on your Friesians? I would like to have lessons on them. I was at the IL horse fair on  Saturday. I love Friesians! Steven put me on Zalena. I have ridden 5 different horses so far. I am 8 years old. I have been riding horses since I was 2 years old. Audra
Well Audra, We don't really give lessons on the Friesians but have your mom contact me. We would love to have you come help us one day before Zalena gives birth to her expected baby. Zalena needs someone to groom her and ride her around a bit. Expected mothers need to keep exercising and you seem like just the person to help with this.

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