Saturday, March 23, 2013

Braelyn's 2nd Birthday

We had a beautiful day, the sun was shining the wind wasn't blowing and the temps were rising into the 40s. Needless to say we spent a good part of today outside working. Lily's paddock and the middle paddock each got a new round bale,Mark took the skid steer and started working on the road then the manure pile from the stalls.
Ella was checked, her udder is definitely filling up.  The picture below is from the back. Her tail was picked up and the picture snapped.
Of course I had to bend down and look from the side. Surely she can't hold on much longer. There is still no way to test her, she lets us pull on her teats but will not let any and I mean not even a drop of colostrum out. Sure hope she will be a good mother and let down her milk for a foal. We are expecting a snowstorm late tonight and tomorrow, perhaps that will help her move things along.
 This afternoon we headed over to Phil and Anna's for Braelyn's second birthday party. Below she is getting ready to blow out her candle: The kids all enjoyed her gifts. I forgot my camera and had to use the phone.
 Karin spent the night last night with mom, when she was asked how the night went, the first words out of her mouth were, "I heard the bell!" We wouldn't quit teasing her about the night before. Diane is spending tonight with mom, Beth will be there tomorrow during the day then I'll take the night with Rachel relieving me on Monday morning. Mom is making progress by leaps and bounds. That was metaphorically, there is no leaping and bounding yet with her new knee.
Cortney sent an email update on Helen:
Hi Judy,  Helen is settling in well. I walked her around and showed her where the water tank is and the shed. She is adjusting well. I am amazed at how calm she is. I have been out numerous times to scratch and love on her and she comes right up to me. I feel so blessed and I am looking forward to the relationship we develop.  Thanks again for letting us come and stay there. Have a wonderful spring!  Blessings!! Cortney

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