Sunday, March 31, 2013

Darcy vs Phone

Anni was to stay with mom but I told them I would have the phone by the bed and come if called. The golf cart was parked in the yard just steps from the door, the coat laid out knowing if called I could be there in less than one minute. All of this planning was actually for nothing. Darcy came into our room around 3:30am and started wagging her tail, her tail caught the phone charger, pulling the phone off the bed. This didn't seem so bad until I tried to put the phone back and realized it fell under the headboard. Our bed is a pedestal bed, very heavy and even though I could see the phone it couldn't be reached without major moving. Plan B was if the phone goes off, just GO as there is no way to answer it. Well at 5:30am the  phone went off but only once meaning a text or notification not a call so probably not an emergency but it was time to get moving anyway as we need to leave the house today by 7:00am. After a struggle of around 10 minutes finally rescued the phone along with other treasures that had fallen into the black hole between the headboard and the bed frame only to see a text from Beth Meister asking what time they should come. Beth and John will be  staying with mom today while we are at church. I am so thankful for family!
Below are the pictures of mom and Spark's birthday dinner. Rhonda provided everything but the salmon.
Everything was done perfectly. The huge T-bones and rib-eyes were juicy and medium rare, the asparagus and sweet potatoes a perfect complement to the steak and the salad was loaded with goodies and Rhonda's home made dressing. Let's get a better picture of the steak for all you family suffering down in Gulf Shores where prime Midwest beef can't be found.
Rhonda provided so much this plate is actually the left overs, too bad there wasn't more family around to enjoy them. Rhonda sent 2 big steaks home with us which we will share with David and Stephanie today after church. Below is Spark and Mom's birthday cookie which was served with ice cream.

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