Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The picture above is Airiah's filly by Raven born May 13th, 2012 named Shadow. Isn't she gorgeous! She is owned by Will and Jenni Moser. They bred Airiah back to Raven last year and are expecting her full sibling soon. Will and Jenni also own 2 other Raven offspring, a 4 year old gelding named Palmer and a 3 year old filly named Isabella's Song, both out of a Trakehner mare named Salina. Check out their beautiful horses on their website www.hbfriesians.com
Diane relieved Karin at the hospital with mom until Rachel could arrive, then Diane went to Morton to attend Nancy's meeting. After the meeting Diane took Nancy shopping buying her the outfits and shoes needed for the year. Rachel is spending the night with mom. I'll relieve her early in the morning and Beth will relieve me. I am so thankful we have plenty of sisters, enough that we have round the clock care. Mom is not having a very good day, the therapy was extremely painful. Mom is very nauseated and vomiting. Rachel reported they are starting her on anti-nausea medicine to help. Karin found the missing hearing aid which was hiding in the bed.
Eva Jean and I had a frustrating day at work, the new printer had a label peeled off the wrong way sticking itself to the roller causing a major jam. It had to be taken apart pretty much down to the bare bones to remove the jam. Thankfully there was a book to show us how step by step. After lunch I headed to Hoerr Vet clinic to pick up Helen's travel health certificate then home to let the dogs out and feed. The horses in the middle paddock had knocked down a gate and escaped but all came when they were called. They were locked in the indoor until the gate was fixed then taken back one at a time. I think Indy is in season but didn't take the time to check. Spring is suppose to arrive tomorrow with a temperature when we get up of 15 degrees. People are starting to threaten Gerty the ground hog for lying.
And finally an email came from Kres, a lady that shipped semen from Raven for her horse Belle and ended up with a beautiful Raven daughter. Here it is posted below:
I wanted to make 2 comments about your blog, where you asked for opinions. Sorry it's in an e-mail--I couldn't figure out how to comment on the site--but this works.
 The first is about your question of a detached garage vs. an attached garage. I can see merits and problems with both choices. What about a detached garage but connecting it to the house with a covered or enclosed (like a porch) walkway. That way, the garage, with it's fumes and fire danger isn't right up against the house, but you can still have access to it without having to go out into the weather. I don't know if the terrain will work for that idea or not-- it is just a suggestion :)
 The second comment is in answer to whether or not to post photos of the last year of Raven babies. My opinion is absolutely!!. First of all, we would all want to see them, especially those of us who are lucky enough to have "siblings". Secondly, they have value for your site because they can speak to Raven's line which you are continuing with Valiant, which is important information. I don't know the best place to put them on the site, though-- wherever people need to see the latest info for decision making, I suppose. But, please put them somewhere-- I for one would like to see them :)
 One more thing, there is a good article in the latest issue of the "Mane Program" magazine, put out by Purina, about Jerry Diaz and his Friesian Adentro. He is a Charro who has a production that he is bringing to Nebraska in April. There is a photo of him standing on his horse twirling a rope, and of course Adentro is posing in the classic, beautiful Friesian stance. If you don't get this magazine in the mail and want to see this article, let me know and I'll send you a copy.
 I'm glad all your horses are on the mend and OK, and I hope your Mom is healing well also.
 Take care,  Kres

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