Saturday, December 31, 2016

Emily's Wedding

Karin and I left early this morning to head to Tremont to start preparing the food for Emily and Mitchel's wedding. Thankfully there was already a big crew there working on food preparation. We were all kept very busy as there were almost 400 people to be fed. The wedding party all came here for pictures. Rachel was the photographer so I know they will all turn out beautiful but Rhoda took the picture below.
The wedding was well attended and beautiful. As soon as it was over Karin, Amy  and I booked it back into the kitchen to get the food out before the guests arrived to eat. Thankfully Karen Hofstetter and Rebekah Schwind already had almost all the food out. There were 4 food lines. We were kept busy refilling the fruit, veggies, potatoes, rolls and chicken. The food was colorful and delicious. I was too busy to take any pictures but Rhoda posted a couple.

After Emily and Mitchel left the real work started. The decorations needed to be taken down the rest of the dishes washed and the food put away. The table cloths were loaded into my car and taken home for washing. I currently have a load in the washer, one in the dryer and 2 to go. These will be used next week for my nephew JR's wedding in Rushville, IL.
Mark left for church tonight but I'm just too tired to go and will listen on line. Rachel is hosting a new years eve party at the Hanna City gym but as soon as church is over I'm going to head to bed. A special thanks to Mark for feeding the horses again today. He took care of them all week while I was in Gulf Shores and was more than willing to feed them one more time. He's the best. An absolutely wonderful email came in on Titan, Ribbon's poor little orphaned colt. Brandee, his owner writes: Titan is doing great.  He has gained weight & is getting some of his personality back.  He loves to be brushed & rubbed on.  He really loves to have his butt scratched.  He will turn & put his butt up against you until you scratch just above his tail.  We have been working on lifting up his feet which he has caught onto very quickly.  Everyone that comes over just loves how affectionate he is & how he wants to be right there watching what you are doing.  We are very pleased with him.  We've even talked about in the future getting another foal from you.  You breed such beautiful, sweet, affectionate & gentle horses.
I'm so thankful to hear from her and so very thankful that Titan is doing well. 
I can't close this post without wishing everyone a safe and fun new years eve. 

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  1. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Happy New Year, and it is truly wonderful to hear that Titan is thriving! So happy for that sweet little guy. 😊💖