Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Meister Christmas

Oh we laughed and laughed. Mom could not figure out who Santa was until the great reveal at the very end. She was just sure it was Chad until Chad stood up, then decided Justin must be Santa until Justin stood up. Her next guess was Brett, Kari's husband, then Jacob.  Toward the end of the evening she was sure Nolan was Santa but all of those guesses were wrong. The rest of the audience knew exactly who Santa was as soon as he walked in. About half way into the opening of the gifts Santa asked her again, "Who AM I?" and when mom  responded, "I just don't know." Spark yelled out, "time to put her in the home."
The camera was packed for the trip tomorrow but here are a few pictures taken with the phone.
Above Nancy is singing 'her song' Into My Heart.
 Above they were passing the microphone for the special numbers, below Jordan decided to 'help' Michelle play Christmas carols on the piano. Spark had to rescue her from his help.

 Above was the singing of Heirlooms and below Spark is reading the Christmas story. The kids have to pay special attention just in case he makes a mistake and Spark must need new glasses, he made a lot of mistakes which they were all glad to yell out the correct answers. 
 Below was opening of gifts. 
 Santa giving out the gifts.

 And below was the big reveal. Santa was DANNY. Mom was shocked. She even at one point, after going through all the guys she thought it was said, "well it couldn't be Dan, he isn't tall enough." That's what happens when you put on a lot of weight, you shrink. 
WE had 2 announcements. Kari and Brett announced they are expecting and Chad and Julie announced they are expecting. These couples are both due in July just 2 days apart. 
Rhonda posted the picture below of her current 14 grandchildren.
But now this will be outdated come July.  I think Beth and Greg are giving up on posting any family pictures since they can't keep up with the current Herman population explosion. 
The rest of the day was good. Mark came out to feed with me early so he could learn how to care for the horses. The laundry had to be done before I could pack for the weeks vacation down in Gulf Shores. There is not near enough clothes on hand without doing laundry first. As today was the Meister Christmas and Rachel would not be able to come and bring her desserts,  I baked 2 pies and made a couple dozen Christmas cookies. Once the  house was semi clean enough to leave the wild rice was started for the dinner tonight and as soon as that was done I picked up mom and we left for the fellowship hall. I'm tired and we are getting up around 3:30 am to leave for that long drive down.

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