Monday, December 26, 2016

Gulf Shores the Day After Christmas

 The sun struggled to break out of the low hanging clouds on the horizon this morning causing it to arrive a little later this morning. Mom, Mackenson and I walked up to the public beach while waiting.
After we enjoyed the sunrise Faith and I snuck over to Diane's and took a box of cereal out of her cupboard for breakfast for Joan's kids but they didn't end up liking that kind and ate left over fried chicken. Mom, Joan and I left Sarah in charge and decided to go shopping at Walmart for all important groceries but stopped at Waffle House first for our breakfast. I have to say this one wasn't as good as the one up north a bit so we probably won't go back. We dropped mom back off at the condo and drove to Walmart. That store was filled with our relatives which we kept running into. Everyone had the same idea, get FOOD!
As soon as we got back we got our suits on and went out to enjoy another beautiful sunny warm day on the sugar white sands of Gulf Shores Alabama.
 The waves were beautiful but rough.
 The kids found over 70 small live sand dollars

 The fishing was good and the Hermans harvested a lot of whiting today for their meals.

 Those are not shells below they are all sand dollars.

 Mom brought out the left overs for the sea gulls.

 There was football on the beach too.
We enjoyed the beach but the Gulf water is just too cool to swim in. Thankfully we have 2 heated pools. Beth and Greg got theirs heated now so the kids spent the afternoon swimming in the pools and the adults enjoyed the hot tub or just sitting in the sand. A few went to Bahama Bob's for lunch and brought back orders for those that didn't want to leave the beach. Joan took her children to Mobile to see the battle ship.
Ruth, Fedi, Ryan and Steven made it down about 7:30 pm and walked over to Bahama Bob's for supper. Afterwards we played games until late into the night. Why it was 10:30 pm by the time we just decided to quit not even finishing the game.

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