Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Rachel's husband David stopped in at mom's early this morning to tell her Rachel was sick and he asked if mom would stop in to check on her. Well she didn't get better in fact when David asked how she was she moaned. He asked her if he should take her to the hospital and she didn't say NO. That is always a worry as most of us girls are considered pretty tough. David took her to Pekin hospital where at first they suspected pancreatitis but as the tests went on they discovered an enlarged appendix. They haven't done surgery yet, but the doctor told David he wouldn't be surprised if that was done tomorrow morning. They kept her overnight trying to get the pain and vomiting under control. Karin and Jessica went up to the hospital this evening to stay with her while David ran home to get a few things.
We had a nice sunny 44 degree day here melting most of the ice. Karin stopped in to work a few horses before she leaves for Gulf Shores. Foxy was taken out first.
 This mare continues to impress us with her huge gaits. 

 When Karin finished with her today we decided to put her in the pond pasture with Jenis and Eliza hoping this help settle her down. 
It didn't work, she went right over to them and started mule kicking. She was taken right out and put in the paddock next to Evan. We will probably end up taking her to Middle Grove for the herd to teach her that she is not the boss around here. Valiant was taken out next.

 He was excellent today. Listening and wanting to please. He was taken back and Evan brought out.
Evan was so low key today he jogged around like a quarter horse. No kicking or bucking, no impressive huge trot.
Karin was well pleased with both of the stallions. Each session was kept short as they were both well behaved. 
Joan, Sarah and Anni made it down home from that long 44 hour trip to pick up Kabur. Anni posted this picture from Florida after they got down there.
 And this was a picture taken of Sarah on the drive home. 
They are exhausted but glad to have made the trip successfully and safely. Mark drove mom and I to church tonight. Greg Rumbold had the service.

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