Thursday, December 22, 2016

Surgery For Rachel

They took Rachel in to surgery at 9:00 am. Mom drove to the hospital taking Luke with her. The rest of the family had already arrived and kept us all informed. Mom called after surgery to tell us that it WAS appendicitis but the surgery went well and they were going to be able to see Rachel in about an hour. Hers was quite enlarged and inflamed. The picture below is not Rachel's appendix but brings back a lot of memories from when I worked in surgery.
 It is amazing to think how much pain one is in when this little body part becomes angry. Rachel said, "I used to say Luke was my longest and hardest labor... But the last 36 hours has topped that one.. And no cute baby at the end of it... Thankful it's over!!"
Hopefully she has a quick recovery. They are keeping her in the hospital again tonight but if all looks well tomorrow she will get to go home, just in time for the Meister Christmas. She HAS to go to that, she is in charge of bringing desserts! Well maybe we have that covered by now. No one wants to have the Meister Christmas without desserts.
I left early from the walk to stop at Sam's Club for dog food then over to the Berean office where we had a good morning. To read about that click HERE. After running the Bibles down to the Bartonville post office I drove to Pekin to pick up 7 bags of grain then home to unload. Mark will be caring for the dogs and horses here while I'm in Gulf Shores and wanted to make sure there was enough food for both the dogs and horses before I leave on Saturday.
Mike is taking Matthew Ricketts, Emily's brother, out to Middle Grove to care for the horses there while we are gone. Other than Mark, all of us living out here will be in Gulf Shores except Rachel and her family. She has to stay as she is the photographer for Emily's wedding. Karin should already be down there and just for her so she can get her horse fix I'm posting some of our videos of the past.
The Pirate Play:
And of course we need to post Evan at Liberty since Karin actually took this video:

Can't leave Killian out, Below is Emily showing Killian at Liberty:
Oh we sure do have fun with these horses.

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