Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Singing

We had a cold but busy morning. Titan was cared for then off I drove, first to deposit some checks then over to Dollar General to shop. We are so glad Dollar General opened a store right here in Hanna City. Finally we have a place to buy the necessities like deodorant, toothpaste, birthday cards and they even have food if you run out of something. I was looking for something specific that they didn't carry so drove all the way in to Pekin to the nearest Aldi.
Today Titan was picked up. His owners made it here just as the snow started. He followed them right into the trailer and stood quietly. Thankfully they are prepared to give this orphan a lot of individual attention. I admit to tearing up a bit as the trailer drove off. The last link to Ribbon.
John's family was busy butchering a steer and Karin went to help and brought back a nice gift of bones, big bones. They were so big that Mark had to bring in the battery powered sawzall to cut them up enough to fit them in my big pots. The blades were washed up first, just in case anyone was wondering. The bones were put on to boil.
Since we are going to be gone on Christmas day Karin picked up Nancy so she could get her stocking gifts early. Nancy had just come back from shopping and was wearing her brand new Christmas sweater which she was thrilled to show us.
 She is also wearing the new hat mom gave her and holding her new gloves away from Studly. 
 If you ever wondered how sisters think alike, both Diane and I bought Nancy a nurses kit like the one we had when we were children. I was explaining before I gave it to Nancy this is something I ALWAYS wanted, when she opened it Diane exclaimed, "that's what I bought her." Oh how funny. our minds really do think alike. Tonight was Rachel's annual Christmas caroling around the manger scene. We were all invited and just about everyone attends, even those that have to drive a distance. Phil and Anna let me have the girls for this but Taegan fell asleep before it started so Mark took Braelyn over then switched with me so we both could enjoy the fellowship and goodies. By the time I arrived the laden table was a lot lighter but there was still plenty.
 Braelyn was fascinated with the manger scene. She was busy decorating Mary with lots of mardi gras necklaces. There were lots of little girls there for her to play with, Joan had hers there, Spark and Rhonda brought over Tara and Jay's and John and Serena brought their two.
 By looking at the picture below one would think there was plenty of room in the house but truly the house was full, there were people everywhere standing around talking, joking, and eating now that the singing was done.

 Karin is leaving early for Gulf Shores, so David Sauder wanted to give her a gift before she left. A nice big coffee cup. Karin burst out laughing when she saw what was written. Thankfully this picture is not in focus. 
By the time I took Nancy home the meat had pretty much fallen off the soup bones. The bones were set outside to cool in one big pot and the other was also set outside so the fat can rise to the top and be skimmed off tomorrow. This beef broth will make an excellent soup and the dogs will enjoy the bones. We are always thankful when someone in the family butchers.

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