Thursday, December 8, 2016

Frozen Water

Our first REAL cold blast hit last night with single digit wind chills this morning. Unfortunate every automatic waterer froze up except one. The 3 weanlings were moved into Ribbon's paddock and a new round bale put in plus 3 buckets hung for their grain. Mike was sent a text and before he left for work he had the middle paddock turned on and working. Jenis and Eliza are using that paddock. I left for the walk then to the Berean office to get there before the Bibles arrived. I was a little worried about unloading this pallet with the help of just the driver of the truck and was thrilled when Johnny Hoerr showed up just to help unload. To read about the rest of our morning there click HERE. Mike thought he had Evan's and Valiant's working but when I got home both of those were frozen up. Those two were each taken a bucket of water and the weanlings grained again. Then it was time to go in and warm up by making a fire in the wood burner. Dan arrived as that was happening. We had a nice visit but when he pulled away he had a flat tire. Poor Dan had to change the tire in that ferocious frozen wind. As soon as he left back out I went into the cold to give Valiant and Evan more water. We had one heated water bucket so Evan was given that. I went back out at 8:00 pm to give them more water but Mike was here installing a new heater on Valiant's. Evan's was next and Mike was surprised to see the element in that one had malfunctioned and melted a part. It had been replaced not too long ago. Thankfully Mike keeps plenty of parts and had another to install. Both should be working but I'll check first thing in the morning. Winter sure makes things hard around here.
While at the Berean office the word came that Jeanette Graham passed away in her sleep last night. She was such a special lady, of course the stories were flying on what she would do for people. Chuck told us that she would have a meal for all the widowers every year. Anna Lu told us of the cookies she would bake and give out. This amazing woman raised 8 children and so much enjoyed her 25 grandchildren. She loved entertaining and loved the Lord.

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