Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Socked In

 While waiting on mom's balcony for our morning walk we were able to see a pod of dolphins feeding in the gulf. Yesterday we saw one jump all the way out of the water, today they were more interested in diving for fish. The fog rolled in as we were walking. Actually such low hanging clouds made droplets of mist that was covering any surface outside. That didn't stop our walk and didn't seem to stop others from walking also.The herons were walking around hoping for a hand out.

 The pelicans were flying low, not sure if the fog was causing trouble for them finding fish.
 We came upon a big piece of driftwood that made a perfect chair for Sarah.

 On the way back we met Tom and his son Luke.
 Beth and her only grand daughter,
 and Heath running behind tasting the salt air as he ran with his tongue.
The camera was put away for the day as I didn't think the wet weather was doing it any good. Diane had the painters come and she spent the entire day inside helping them paint. She and Mike also got light fixtures hung, mirrors hung and lots of other jobs accomplished. We sat outside watching the fishermen (Greg & Spark) pull in 11 fish before they quit for the day. The fog got thicker wrapping around the buildings in wisps of gray that seemed to insulate us from the rest of the world.  Ruth, Mom and I went to the hot tub and relaxed visiting with some of the other guests. Karin, John, joined us there while Tom, Jackie, Luke and Heath swam in the wonderfully warm heated pool. Fedi went to AutoZone to purchase a headlamp for Mark's car which had a burnt out right headlight. He installed it while Karin was waiting for the car. She and Sarah went to Lulu's for supper. Ruth, Fedi and I ordered in Pizza then walked over to mom's to play Mexican Train. We had 6 of us noisy laughing women playing and I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. Even though we didn't see a lot of sun today it was still warm. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but that is my last day here.

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