Sunday, December 25, 2016


We had a beautiful morning. Diane, mom and I went for a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise. We came upon a snowman made of sand to get us in the Christmas mood this morning so technically this is a sandman.

 We made our way to mom's condo where she cooked a delicious breakfast of farm fresh eggs from the Goose Ranch, bacon and toast then listened to our Christmas service on line from Peoria. The weather was sunny and warm so most of us headed to the beach. The Hermans fished for our dinner while the rest of us watched and relaxed in the sun.
From there we headed over to Karin's condo for fun in the heated pool and hot tub.

 Tom, Tara and their 3 children made it down and had to head right out to the beach for sand fun.
 This beautiful warm sunny day was just the ticket to relax on the beach.
 Below are a few of the fish Joan caught for supper. The fishing was good.
 Below is Sarah sacked out on the sand.
 Berlica playing in the waves.

 Faith feeding the seagulls
 Berlica catching a fish
 Mike had to help a boy rescue his kite which got caught up on their building.

 Now for the mystery of the day. The kids were pulling out clams for dinner and pulled in a big one. When they pried it open the clam had been eaten by this fish who had been stuck inside. We don't know if the fish had gotten sucked in as an egg, hatched then ate the clam to survive or had gotten stuck inside as a small fish, ate the clam and survived but survive it did and it grew until it took all of the room inside the clam.
We had a good dinner tonight at Beth and Greg's condos. The boys fried the fish, Beth made a big ham and macaroni and cheese, Diane made a big salad and brownies for dessert.

 After dinner we sat around the campfire visiting until Joan sent out a text to play games at mom's condo.
Some of us headed there for games and some played games at John and Beth's condo. We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family. Thankful for our heavenly Father who  sent His only begotten Son as a babe in the manger. So very thankful for this wonderful plan of salvation that Jesus who was fully God would come as a human baby, choose to die on the cross, shed HIS perfect blood for the sins of all, rise again on the 3rd day. Death where is thy sting?

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