Sunday, January 1, 2017

Moving Bales

We had a 40 degree sunny day for our FIRST day of 2017! It is amazing to think that we are already in a new year. The older I get the faster the years fly by. When I was 16 years old I remember thinking I would probably never see the year 2000 as surely the end of the world would come by then and here it is 17 years AFTER 2000.
Church was small today, too many people gone or too tired to come after celebrating the coming new year last night.
After church Mark and I needed to start moving in bales. Valiant got a new bale then was locked off the field. We are expecting rain tomorrow and he will tear that field up with his galloping around showing off if the gate is left open. We also put 2 new bales in the middle paddock as tomorrow Karin and I are planning on bringing home 8 mares. Indy, Ayanna, Zalena, Anna, Oksana, Galena, Rosalie and Abigail all need to come home. Marika and Easter Lily will also need to come home but I will wait on those 2 as bringing 2 full trailer loads is more than enough to do in one day.
Brandee, the owner of Titan, Ribbon's orphaned foal sent pictures today.

He really does look great. He has gained back any weight he lost and just look at how he is tucking his head as he gallops around. He really is feeling good. I'm very thankful Brandee took these today and shared them with us.
Phil and Anna dropped off the girls tonight so they could play volleyball. I'm not sure who has a better time when the grand daughters come, grandpa and grandma or the girls. We played and played.

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