Sunday, December 4, 2016

First Snowfall

We were shocked when we stepped out of church. We were not expecting to see snow. The prediction was a snow rain mix with all of it melting but at 1:30 the cars in the church parking lot were covered and the roads were slick.
The only problem came when mom started throwing snowballs at cars. YES she really did, what kind of example is our 84 year old mother? At least she wasn't throwing them at people. The drive home was slow but beautiful. We marveled at the intricate patterns of snow lining each branch. When we got home the camera was brought out for a few pictures.
 Above is looking toward the pond pasture, that is Jenis and Eliza grazing the still green grass under the snow cover. below is looking over the garage to the big evergreen.

 Above are the snow covered pods next to our patio looking like fluffy balls of cotton and below is small evergreen in the front yard. Notice the green grass poking through. 
All of this grass is going to be frozen later this week, the thermometer is going to plunge to the teens with highs in the low 20s later this week.  Mark chose not to plow though, the temperature is suppose to be 40 tomorrow and hopefully this will melt pretty quickly. Sarah Reinhard posted the picture below
She writes: When we woke up this morning it was lightly snowing, but while we were it church it snowed for real. We had to rush home (slowly on slushies roads) and beat Grandma in the annual race to build the first snowman. Proud champions! 
Mom's response:  I finished mine, finally, but he isn't as as cute as yours, Good Job! I also shoveled the walk and concrete pad! How about you?
Joan's response: Hey! There's a great idea. A race to shovel the walk instead of building a snowman!! 
Sarah and Nolan were busy this afternoon building their snowman. This is their first Christmas in their new home. 
Mark got our patio shoveled. We spent the evening over at Dennis and Gertie's house. They invited us for dinner.
Karin bought a leg of lamb which mom cooked for her and Ruth and Fedi's family. I'd say by looking at the Fedi enjoying the meal in the picture below it must have been delicious.
Peoria church and ANOTHER engagement announcement today. Sis. Alexandra Elsasser and Bro. Brett Hoerr announced their engagement.  Their parents are Bro. Brian and Mary Elsasser and Bro. Carle and Sis. Debby Hoerr. That is FIVE for Peoria, mom says, "they are dropping like flies!" 
We are so happy for Alex and Brett and wish them God's richest blessings.

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