Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Miles of Smiles

Even though it was a cold day with single digit wind chills there were lots of smiles and laughter. This morning Mark got up around 4:00 am to get the fire going again. By the time I got out to the family room with a cup of coffee for me and one for Mark the 2 dogs were sacked out in front of the fireplace thoroughly enjoying the heat. The fireplace insert has a fan that blows wonderfully warm air into the room.
 Above Darcy was using Emma for a pillow but it didn't take long before their front ends got too hot. They ended up like two book ends warming their back ends. 
 Our walk is the time to share stories of the day, funny things that happen, concerns and praises. No one wants to miss the walk including the dogs of the neighborhood but today, with the cold Emma hesitated on going outside.
Today was Berean day, which is always a good day. To read about our joyful morning there click HERE.
The temperatures kept dropping, by afternoon the actual temperature was in the teens with a brisk breeze. Delaney, one of vaulters from the past is taking a photography class and her mom asked if they could come today after work to take pictures of some of the horses. They arrived around 3:30 pm. The few horses here were not groomed but Delaney didn't care, it was just much to cold to spend time trying to make them pretty. This wasn't those kind of pictures anyway. We drove the golf cart into Valiant's pasture, called him and she got a few shots of him as he trotted and cantered. Next was the weanling paddock. Now anyone that tries to get pictures of Friesian weanlings has the problem of the foal being too close. Both of these foals would not stay away from Delaney or her mom Tammy. They both demanded to be petted. The last horse done today was Foxy and that was only because of her color. Black can be so boring. It was way to cold though to spend more than a few minutes per horse.
The news was all about this polar vortex moving in. We were pretty spoiled these last few mild winters but this winter the cold is back with a vengeance.

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