Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Interesting Walk

The walk started out serious, mom was telling Joan about Beth's awful experience yesterday at the medical center on Allen road. Beth's iron level has been terribly low and the doctors wanted to do a test by putting dye in her veins to see if they could learn why. When the nurse was trying to put in the IV her veins kept blowing. Finally the nurse was able to get one in and the dye going, walked out shut the door and just then the vein blew open and the dye started flowing where it shouldn't be, it stung. Beth started calling and yelling but no one was in hearing distance and her arm started blowing up like a balloon. By the time the nurse came back, she took one look and was shocked. They rushed Beth to the hospital emergency room. Joan's daughter Sarah just happens to be doing a paper on EZ-IO technology which is to put a needle right into the bone, a life saving hydration procedure when a vein cannot be found or used. Sarah remembered helping a doctor with this right after the earthquake in Haiti so thought she would contact that doctor to get more information and found out this was the doctor that actually developed this procedure. She just knew him as Dr. Larry. He remembered her well and shared with her his post on that day. To read Dr. Larry Miller's experience in Haiti with Sarah as an interpreter click HERE. Sarah actually volunteered to have this done to her to show the Haitians it was safe.  Ruth then brought up mom's snowman and wanted to know exactly what mom was trying to portray. I can only show the head of this snowman, the rest seems to be x rated.
Mom explained the picture was taken after it had started melting. The arms fell off leaving two protrusions coming out of his chest but that wasn't all, somehow when the arms fell they landed on the lower part and formed 2 perfectly round spheres sticking out where they shouldn't. Mom was aghast at the picture which someone placed on facebook of course the comments were hilarious. Maybe she was trying to be politically correct and this snowman was a transgender? She was frantic to get it off Facebook before she was flagged as inappropriate but since she didn't post it, that couldn't be done. By this time we were all laughing so hard we weren't getting much walking done. Poor mom, it is just not something she would ever do but so funny that it happened to HER snowman.  Then Diane told us that Mike called her while she was at work last night to tell her he burned up the oven. When she asked how, he replied, "I put bacon in the oven then forgot it was cooking." the smoke alarm went off but by the time he got there, the entire inside of the oven was in flames. He turned it off and just let it burn, not daring to open the oven as the fire would spread. When Diane got home it looked pretty charred but she shut the door, locked it and put it on clean. This morning the oven is clean but the glass window is black. Amazing the oven survived. Ruth had to share her story, Fedi got tar on his pants and used gas to try to dissolve the tar then put the pants in the washer with her work clothes. When Ruth pulled them out of the dryer the entire load smelled like gasoline. She didn't have any others ready to wear so just sprayed fabreez all over them. Evidently the odor was very unusual. People around her at work kept asking, "What IS that smell?" Ruth kept moving so no one would realize it was coming from her.
I had to quit at just one round as today was Berean day. To read about our morning there click HERE.

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