Wednesday, December 14, 2016


This morning a couple pictures came in from a lady in Canada. She was the person that purchased Ylse's first filly by Raven in 2009. She named her Eyjeka. English is not her first language so it is a little hard to understand what she is trying to say but anyway she bred Eyjeka to a Friesian stallion in  New Brunswick and Eyjeka produced a huge colt which she named Aiderik-Moon. He is standing next to a 15.2 hand gelding in this picture.
 She writes: Aiderik-Moon is a wonderful purebred colt he was born very tall and had to get help with nursing because he didn't fit under moms belly. He found out and with now 8 month he is already 14.2 hh tall. Eyjeka (Indy's SISTER) is 17 hh tall and strong build, with lots of mane and big tail, Quantum the sire is a beautiful stallion, son of famous Lukas 342. Aiderik-moon knows already lots of groundwork and is good with the farrier, a good nature friesian colt who can be handled by a kid. He is grown up in a heard (herd) of 6 and they told (taught) him good manners. 
Eyjeka turned out to be a lovely mare and is just as kind as Indy is. She has the mega hair of Ylse and is 17 hands tall.  Her colt is going to be fantastic.  What beautiful sweet foals Ylse produced when bred to Raven, and now both of Ylse's fillies are producing amazing foals. Below is Ylse giving birth to Eyjeka July 28th, 2009

We had another very cold day but no wind this morning which made the walk tolerable as we all dressed properly with lots of layers. Mom went with Beth down to Methodist where Beth was suppose to have a test to check her small intestines for areas blood may be leaking from. I went to Berean to enter names then met them at TGIF Fridays for lunch and took mom home. Beth went on to the cancer center to meet up with the doctors to get the results. She called to tell us they DID THE WRONG TEST. Poor Beth that means taking that awful barium again.
Yesterday was National Horse Day. I'm not sure who makes up these things but since I didn't post anything about it yesterday, today I would like to acknowledge the horse that had the biggest influence on our business. That would be Raven, for without Raven we wouldn't even have Horsemeister. He was such a blessing. This sweet gorgeous stallion was so very kind and yet had amazing presence.  His offspring were so very impressive, looking more like him then their dams. Raven improved on every mare he was bred to, he was truly our gift from God.  We only had him 10 short years but he left a legacy behind for us in his wonderful offspring. We are thankful we kept his son Valiant and his daughters Jewel, Ayanna, Indy, Oksana, Hadassah and  Rosalie.
Tonight was the special Christmas service held each year at the fellowship hall. The choir sang a song, Craig Stickling had the message then the choir sang another song and finished up the service with the Hallelujah Chorus. The entire evening was special but when the choir sang goosebumps raised, chills came over me and the tears flowed. Oh what a Saviour is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

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