Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Foal Gallery

We had a brisk walk trying to walk fast to keep warm. Today was just plain cold, Emma kept trying to drink out of the frozen puddles, finally Joan took pity on her and broke the ice in one. After 1 round I needed to get moving to meet the Wednesday Berean workers. To read about our morning there click HERE. I posted a plea there but will also post one here. A pallet load of Bibles will be delivered tomorrow morning at 9:00 am at the Berean office and we Thursday workers could really use the help unloading.
After work I got both of our wood burners going. We have a pot bellied stove on the east side of the house and a fireplace with an efficient wood burning insert on the west side of the house. Enough wood was brought in to keep both going all evening.
Diane, mom and I went to church tonight. Tim Funk was the speaker. Always good to be there. One unusual thing though, Peoria has a boil order so no one could drink any water at church.
Tonight we had someone ask about breeding to one of the stallions and she was having trouble deciding which to choose. She sent this picture of her mare she calls Classy:
  To make an informed decision on which stallion to use one should always look at that stallion's offspring.  Thankfully a lot of the owners are glad to email pictures of their precious foal.  It is always good to ask to see what a stallion throws so if you are thinking of breeding to a stallion ASK. We had one lady come to us after spending well over a thousand dollars to get her mare pregnant and only after spending that money did she find out the stallion had NO offspring. To see some of Raven, Valiant and Evan's foals click HERE. This isn't a complete gallery of foals but it is a lot.

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