Saturday, December 24, 2016

Long Trip Down

Mom and I were on the road around 4:00 am. The Prius's gps system must need updating, it made a few mistakes and we spent a few minutes correcting those mistakes but the biggest mistake was when we were looking for a Waffle House and ended up in a Walmart parking lot with thousands of last minutes shoppers this Christmas Eve. We eventually found the Waffle House, ate breakfast for lunch around 11:40 am then continued driving. We almost got in a bad accident. A lady driving a car in the far right lane must have fallen asleep and started drifting into our lane. We slammed on the breaks, the car continued drifting across our lane and the left lane until it slammed into the concrete barriers, bounced off out of control careening across the 3 lanes of traffic all going 70 miles an hour. No one hit her, all were able to slow down in time. Then instead of pulling off she kept driving at 70 miles an hour down the highway until her car started overheating. Of course by this time we were all hanging back scared to get too close to the car and were relieved when she finally pulled off at the next exit. A bit later we were on a smaller road when a small 2 engine plane flew right in front of us coming from a field to the left of us and heading across the road to another field. Both mom and I jumped and exclaimed, "what WAS that?" This plane was barely 15 feet in front of us and not high enough in the air for us to safely go under. Thankfully the pilot was going fast enough we missed hitting it. One does NOT expect a plane to zoom across the front of the car when traveling 65 miles an hour.
By the time we made it down to Gulf Shores all the grocery stores were closed until Monday including Walmart. Mike found an open Walgreens and got enough food for this condo to make it until the stores open again. Mom brought down enough food for her condo. Beth has plenty for her 2 condo's. I think the only one needing food is Spark and Rhonda.

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