Monday, December 12, 2016

Introducing Foxy

Beth had to go to the hospital today for another try at having dye put in her arm. This time Karin took her so she would not be left alone. All went great they had a machine to find a good vein that didn't blow.
Valiant and Evan were worked this morning. The round pen was just to hard this morning so both were worked in the indoor and I just can't get good pictures there. Below is Valiant once he was finished. As the ground is now frozen I let him out into the field. He had to go check out all the smells just in case someone else had been in his field.
Below are a few pictures of Evan's work session in the indoor.

He could hardly contain himself. Once he was put away the horses were all fed and by the time I got back in my hands and face were frozen. This afternoon MaryBeth dropped off Roxy. She is a 9 year old, tall, well built, bright chestnut, beautiful, registered Saddlebred mare. Check out her neck. She is fancy and knows it. 
 It isn't just her neck we were impressed with, her trot is huge.  Karin stopped in this afternoon, we took her to the round pen to see her movement and were both very impressed. Her regular trot is like an extended trot then her extended trot is not just open, she also has lift.
She has a few things to work on. She was afraid of the golf cart but will soon learn that is what brings the treats. MaryBeth said she doesn't buck, rear, or kick. After evaluating her, we were pleased she has a good foundation in round pen reasoning. Roxy was introduced to Evan, Jenis and Eliza this afternoon. It was such a nice sunny day of about 30 degrees and the paddock next to Evan's was empty. Evan thought she was gorgeous. Our plan is to breed her in the spring to Valiant. 
Jenis and Eliza were curious about the new mare but not enough to hang around when there was still grass to nibble across the pond. Below they have just come out of the middle paddock and are heading toward the dam to get to the other side. Eliza is in front of Jenis. 
Around 4:00 pm I finally tore myself away from the horses to get some grocery shopping done picking up a roast at Kroger for tomorrow's Berean meal. We had some beautiful pictures come in from Stacy, the owner of our Killian. Her daughter rode him in a big parade, Stacy said Killian did great and next year she is going to start him driving.

They are so happy with him. We are so thankful for the updates and the pictures. He has matured and looks great. 

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