Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sceggel Christmas

Below is a picture of Rhoda and Sarah's new puppy. He is the puppy on the left, his brother the red and gold one already has a new home. 
We awoke to -4 degrees and a fresh layer of snow on top of all that ice. Mark is still not feeling well so stayed home. Mom, Emily and I drove to church. The drive in to church was bad. The washer fluid was frozen and as each truck passed us the front window became more smeared and filthy making it hard to see the road. We had 2 visiting ministers today both named Brad. Brad Eisenmann the beginning of the morning service followed by Brad Bauer. The afternoon was our Sunday school Christmas program. Mom and I sat up in the balcony so we could see everyone. They were so enthusiastic.  
Molly's daughter Eden and Joan's daughter Faith sang a special part for the Bible class.  After church was the Sceggel Christmas which was held at Phil and Anna's house. The puppies were a huge hit. 

 Today is Nolan's birthday so Sarah brought a cake and candles. 

 The opening of gifts is always exciting and fun to watch. 
Trying to get a picture of all 9 of my grandchildren at the end of the evening didn't go very well. For some reason Taunya didn't want to put her baby bump in the picture. You see number 9 is due in April 2017. The rest of the grandchildren cooperated pretty well. 
We sure all had a good day. To see the rest of the evening's pictures click HERE

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