Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Shopping

Today was the first day free and we were pretty much out of dog food which meant a trip to Sams Club. Since that store, Big R, and Aldi are pretty much the only stores I visit, today I spent time looking at gifts but just couldn't find much. Still by the time I bought a beef roast, pork loin and other groceries the bill came to $154.00 and only when I was checking out did I remember the dog food. The other checker was nice enough to go get a bag. Next was the trip to Aldi and I did find a few gifts there plus groceries and that bill came to $152.00. The car was pretty full by the time I finally got home. Emily had already left with Angelica so Adara was put back out in the paddock with Titan and Arturo and the indoor arena cleaned up from anything the  2 fillies left. While working out in the arena I decided it would be a good day to dig a trench under the big front doors so this winter when the kids are practicing for the fair they can shut the doors and run the heater.
The fire place insert was kept burning pretty much all night last night and all day today. It is cold and damp outside and only going to get colder.
Phil and Anna dropped off the girls for the evening and we worked on different crafts making candy coated pretzels with lots of different kinds of sprinkles. Why by the time the girls had finished there were more sprinkles than pretzels. They stuck them in the fridge to harden but just couldn't stop from opening the fridge door and checking on them every few minutes. The hardest part about the day is that Emma brought home some deer carcass she found on the walk this morning. I would not let her in the house and she was not going to let me put it in the dumpster like last time so she stayed at the end of the yard chewing and gnawing away. Well Darcy wanted out to see this treasure and somehow they both ended up with big bones full of tufts of red meat. They both enjoyed this treat but thankfully Emma was able to hide both bones and she forgets where she puts them.  Both dogs ended up with terrible gas. Honestly it smelled like someone messed. Of course having 3 girls over I was constantly checking Kensley's diaper and asking the girls, "do you need to use the bathroom?"
Time for some Christmas music. One of my favorite songs: Mary Did You Know sung by Peter Hollens and he happens to sing all parts.

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