Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The big news today is Sarah's dog Kabur is back in the states. 
loaded and on the way home.
Sarah writes: Kabur is back in the States! So very thankful to be reunited with him, and for everyone who worked to make it possible. AGAPE did a fabulous job bringing him safely and even getting him through customs for me. Thank you!!! 
 This ALMOST didn't happen. Joan, Sarah and Anni were 18 hours into this trip to the Palm Beach International airport when Joan got the call that Kabur was covered in ticks and the people arranging to get him here did not think the vet would allow him into the states. Well they all must have worked hard and had the ticks removed before the vet saw him. Kabur was allowed to fly and was happy to be reunited with his owner Sarah. They are now on their way home with him happily riding in the back of the car. 
The morning here felt almost balmy at 16 degrees. This was a 20 degree swing from yesterday's -4. The horses were fed early, it was nice to see that all the ice was off the top of the waterers. The last few days, even with the heaters running a thin layer of ice formed on top. 
We were all glad to get out to walk and talk catching up on everyone's weekend. Ruth reported Fedi is doing very well since his shoulder surgery last week. Mom caught another mouse and Diane was a little late as she forgot to put Ebby's coat on and went back for that. 
We had a very good morning at the Berean office. To read about that click HERE. We didn't quite finish with the studies but another group is coming in tomorrow to do that. As soon as I got home Evan was taken into a stall and a new round bale put in his paddock. Karin worked horses at Middle Grove and reported Star is looking very pregnant along with Anna. Star isn't due until April 17th so I don't think we need to worry about bringing her in right away. Star is a pretty mare, she has such a thick mane and tail that her half Friesian foals end up about as hairy as a purebred Friesian foal. 
There are 4 mares due to foal ahead of her. Anna is due March 18th, 
Whitney and Hadassah are both due April 5th,
Ayanna is due April 16th.
Lola is due April 19th and went 3 weeks early with her first foal
so she could also beat Star.  Soul is due April 19th
and Zalena April 23rd.
I'm thinking we may be just a little busy in April. I may have to set up temporary foaling stalls in the indoor arena if they all decide to deliver at once.

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  1. Wow, lots of foals a poppin' in April! Can't wait to see all the cute baby pictures! <3