Sunday, December 4, 2016

Giving Good Gifts

It is snowing out this morning, a beautiful snow covering the evergreens and making me think of Christmas which makes me so very thankful of all the gifts that have been given to me. Twenty years ago Rhoda and I drove to Ohio to go to Equine Affair, a huge horse fair like the Midwest Horse Fair. There we put $10.00 into a raffle to try to win a Friesian foal. Most of our time was spent hanging around the Friesian display and horses just praying we would win (we didn't). One of the owners mentioned she had a gelding that she would sell cheap as he didn't make the height standard so my ears pricked up and I sidled up to ask what his price would be. When she said, $15,000.00 then saw my reaction, she explained, "the way to buy one is to just take a home equity loan out on your home". Like that would ever happen! I knew they were expensive but didn't dream anyone would pay thousands for a horse that could go lame or get sick and die, but it was on that trip that my dream started. Now flash forward to early spring of 2001, a dressage rider and owner named Sue Steele had a big black Westfalen warmblood mare that as she states, "ran me into the side of the barn for the last time" she wanted me to take her to an auction. At first I tried to explain, that isn't a good idea, this was the Amish auction in Arthur, IL and they would not pay much for something not trained to plow or drive. She actually said, "I don't care what I get I just want her gone." After praying about this mare named Lilo I offered Sue $800.00 for her, which was what I had in my Friesian saving fund. Sue was glad to accept the offer and we drove over and brought Lilo home. The end of May 2001 Lilo was hauled 300 miles to the nearest Friesian stallion and came home pregnant.
May 4th, 2002 Lily was born and that was the beginning. That was a rough start though, at 8 months old Lily came down with a terrible disease called EPM and had to spend 10 days at U of I first trying to survive then learn to walk. The medicine was so expensive and even now I look back and wonder how I could afford it. I remember taking on cleaning jobs, scrapping out metal, cleaning stalls all the while caring for our 5 children and keeping up (not very well) with the  house work. I still remember breaking down in tears when Spark told me, "I don't usually pray for animals but today I prayed for your filly."
The next 2 years of this story is too long but suffice it to say with lots of ups and downs. I was trolling the internet when I saw Raven for sale. If you would like to read the rest of the story of how we acquired Raven click HERE.
Raven truly was a gift from God, just because He loves ME! Imagine that the God of the universe cares about my pitiful dreams and loves me enough to want to give me good gifts. The amazing thing is that this gift doesn't even compare with the gift of His Son Jesus. Jesus came that ALL, as in every person could be saved. He does not want any lost but reminds us in the Word that narrow is the gate and few there are that enter. He wants to be YOUR personal savior, he loves YOU too. The way to learn about this gift is to read His Word. IF you need a Bible please contact me or go to a Bible believing church and ask for a Bible. Please please accept His gift, don't wait, The God of all creation longs for YOU.

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